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The images featured in BAR(2) were selected by Marisa Espínola and appear courtesy of:

Espacio en BlancoEEB-Muestra

Espacio en Blanco began in Buenos Aires in 2009, when writer Francisco Moulia and artist Sergio Jiménez opened the doors of their home with the idea of having a place to share their creative work: a place where artists, writers, and musicians could meet. In 2013, Jiménez moved to Bogotá with an architect named Marisa Espínola, bringing Espacio en Blanco with him. They took over a house in the northeastern part of the city and—preserving the original idea of fostering artistic projects—broadened EEB’s cultural panorama to include design and architecture, and create a cultural oasis in a residential area of the city.

Marisa Espínola and Sergio Jiménez continue to develop this space, which opens its doors to emerging and established artists alike. Above all, they work to construct a space where art can be created, seen, and discussed.

The house is constantly being transformed and adjusted to fit the programs that take place within it: exhibitions of art and design, courses on art and architecture, creative workshops and gastronomic experiences meant to spark conversation. The creators of Espacio en Blanco are currently organizing an artist residency in the space, as they believe in the power of travel to foster creation and reflection. (Photo: Sergio Jiménez)

EspinolaMarisa Espínola

An architect and a graduate of the University of Buenos Aires, Marisa has studied mixed-media artistic expression at the National Art Institute of Argentina, participated in textile and stagecraft workshops, and has also worked in interior design. She has worked as an architect in Buenos Aires, José Ignacio, and Stockholm, taught classes in the department of Architecture, Design, and Urban Planning at the University of Buenos Aires, lectured on architecture in Buenos Aires and Stockholm, and curated art exhibitions in Buenos Aires and Bogotá. She is currently in charge of workshops and continuing education courses at the cultural and art space Espacio en Blanco.

She created and directs the design studio MOSI LAB: Artful Interiors, where, in collaboration with artists and designers, she develops design projects and restores furniture and spaces with an artistic vision and a daring use of color.

Contributing Artists:  

BournonvilleNadja Bournonville

Nadja Bournonville is a Swedish freelance photographer based in Berlin. She studied photography at The Glasgow School of Art, 2003- 2006, and finished her MA in photography with Professor Tina Bara at the Visual Academy in Leipzig in 2012. Bournonville is represented by Pierogi Gallery in New York and her work can currently be seen in the touring exhibition “Gute Aussichten—Young German Photography.” (Photo: Maria Muhrman/Bonniers Konsthall)


HolguínVictoria Holguín

A photographer from Cali living in Bogotá, Victoria loves her job. She always lets herself be surprised by a detail, by the light, and by the magic of each moment, turning each image into an excuse to surprise the viewer. She is currently working on a number of freelance projects, including portraits, fashion photography, and photojournalism; she is the founder and editor-in-chief of, a blog that features the best contemporary photography from Colombia, and takes non-traditional wedding photos for the Efeunodos group.


JiménezSergio Jiménez

A visual artist and a graduate of the National University of Colombia, Sergio majored in mixed-media artistic expression at the National Art Institute of Argentina and is pursuing a doctorate at the National University of Argentina at La Plata. He was the President of the National Committee of Colombia for the 2012-2013 World Art Games (WAG) in Croatia, and—together with Marisa Espínola—currently directs the cultural space Espacio en Blanco.

Sergio’s work, which focuses on the concept of travel as an aesthetic practice, has been exhibited in Italy, Turkey, the United States, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Argentina. He has received an honorable mention for his project, “Frottage and the City: relations of place, contact, and comprehension,” and the financial support of the National Chancellory of Colombia, the National University of Argentina at La Plata, and the National Art Institute of Argentina.


KarlbergMoa Karlberg

A freelance photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden, Moa enjoys short assignments for newspapers, magazines and companies as well as long-term projects within Sweden and abroad. She is also the photo editor of the documentary magazine Re:public.


Love LundellLove-Lundell

Love Lundell’s work—a mix of painting, collage, and drawing—is based on his memories of the dreams he had as a child. As a memory becomes more and more detailed, he allows layers to emerge, and the final work is often quite different from the original idea, melding images and emotions in a chaos that resists linearity. Love has a master’s of fine art from Trondheim Art Academy and has exhibited at i.a. Galleri Wallner in Simris and Liljevalchs och Göteborgs Konstförening in Gothenberg. He lives and works in Stockholm.


Ana Wingeyer

Is a visual artist and graphic designer, and a graduate of the University of Buenos Aires. Ana co-directs the publishing house Obra Gráfica Original Malevo Estampa and teaches graphic design at the University of Buenos Aires.



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Published on July 20th of 2014 in BAR(2), News.

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