Everything Good That I Know I Learned from Women

Published on September 10th of 2013 by Tryno Maldonado and Janet Hendrickson in Fiction.

Tryno Maldonado
translated by Janet Hendrickson



My mother is a teacher. A preschool teacher. If you want to fuck up a man’s amorous relationships with women for the rest of his life, there’s no more efficient method than this: sign him up for his mother’s preschool class. Good luck, Freud! With time I’ve developed the belief that my relationships with women are nothing but one emulation after another of this, my platonic and stormy relationship with my preschool teacher. Who happened to be my mother. The same longings, the same idealizations, the same expectations. The same scenes of jealousy. The same mistakes. Ah, Freud… One day, when I was six, my mother caught me masturbating with a pair of her underwear that she’d hung to dry in the shower. I was accused. That afternoon my grandmother … Read More »

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