Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata

Published on November 20th of 2013 by Rosario Bléfari and Hilary Levinson in Fiction, Tongue Ties.

Rosario Bléfari
translated by Hilary Levinson

We’re standing in the plaza, watching the man who makes ashtrays in just a minute or two. The scent of freshly burned wood. The sound of the carving: the impact from the blow that splits the wood into pieces. Wood chips flying. Sawdust accumulating on the pavement. A secret understanding of figure and ground—knowing what needs to be removed in order to read what’s left in relief. The blowtorch used like a paintbrush. It’s nonstop entertainment because it lasts for a minute, and then it starts over again and there is always somebody ready to ask for the next one. I think about what name I would carve into the wood but I don’t smoke enough to have an ashtray with my name, nor do I have a relationship with anyone that is worthy … Read More »

Junot Díaz: “We exist in a constant state of translation. We just don’t like it.”

Published on May 4th of 2013 by Karen Cresci in Interviews.

Interview by Karen Cresci

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