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Published on July 20th of 2014 by Los editores - The Buenos Aires Review in BAR(2), News.

The images featured in BAR(2) were selected by Marisa Espínola and appear courtesy of:

Espacio en Blanco

Espacio en Blanco began in Buenos Aires in 2009, when writer Francisco Moulia and artist Sergio Jiménez opened the doors of their home with the idea of having a place to share their creative work: a place where artists, writers, and musicians could meet. In 2013, Jiménez moved to Bogotá with an architect named Marisa Espínola, bringing Espacio en Blanco with him. They took over a house in the northeastern part of the city and—preserving the original idea of fostering artistic projects—broadened EEB’s cultural panorama to include design and architecture, and create a cultural oasis in a residential area of the city.

Marisa Espínola and Sergio Jiménez continue to develop this space, which opens its doors to emerging and established artists alike. Above all, they work … Read More »


Published on May 7th of 2013 by Los editores - The Buenos Aires Review in News.

We’re thrilled to welcome you to the Buenos Aires Review.

It’s taken a long, hectic, dizzying, beautiful year to get this project off the ground. We started the BAR because we just couldn’t ignore the opportunity and the need for it: we were in the middle of the vibrant artistic and intellectual community of Buenos Aires at the same time digital publishing was making cultural exchange across countries and continents possible in a way unthinkable before. But we couldn’t have done it alone. We’re deeply grateful to all our writers, translators, artists, and advisors, as well as to our Associate Editors, who helped shepherd this publication into being.

—Las Editoras

In our inaugural selection:

David Leavitt takes us on a tour of the hedonistic world of 1930s Paris in “The Reversal Spell”
Giovanna Rivero channels rural Bolivia in “Smoke”
Champion of international lit John … Read More »

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