Contributions by Dany Salvatierra

Dany Salvatierra is a writer, graphic artist and art director. He graduated from the Communications department of the University of Lima, where he specialized in cinema. His stories have appeared in a diverse number of international publications such as The Portable Museum and El Cuento Peruano 2001-2010. His collection of stories Group Therapy was chosen by readers of Buenselvaje magazine as one of the decade’s greatest works of fiction. In 2012, his novel The Berlin Syndrome was awarded the ‘Premio Luces’ award for ‘Best Novel of the Year’ by the newspaper El Comercio, and will be published in the United States in 2014, as well his new novel which will be released this year. He is also currently writing a novel in English called The Missionary Position. His work is influenced by telenovelas, sentimental novels and transgressive fiction. Photo: Vicente Mosto.

The Makeup Wars

Published on September 1st of 2014 by Dany Salvatierra and Sarah Bruni in BAR(2), Fiction.

Dany Salvatierra
translated by Sarah Bruni

Blanca started unbuttoning her dress only when she was sure she wasn’t being spied on by the line of horrified women crowded in front of the entrance to the store’s dressing rooms. The curious women formed an endless line, a procession of polyester skirts and the low heels essential to withstanding the long wait. They all carried heaps of clothing they were eager to rip into with their ample bodies—unlike Blanca, who had never wanted to wear that black mourner’s dress. She had put it on with her eyes closed, imagining for a millisecond that she was completely alone. Partly because it terrified her to see herself in the mirror, but also because Blanca knew that it wouldn’t be long before she, on her left, started to protest. Outside, her mother waited patiently with … Read More »

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